Taken for granite

Full design services

Taken for Granite will provide start-to-finish consulting on projects utilizing our tiles. Let us use our extensive network of construction professionals to help make your home improvement project green and gorgeous.

Depending on custom blend, prices start at $10 per square foot.


Our tile is so easy to install, anyone could do it! Wholesale prices are per sq. foot of tile and varies based on color variation and custom blends. Purchase a do-it-yourself kit (including tools and adhesive) and a consultation to get the best results.

                                                                                  DO-IT-YOURSELF KIT: Includes adhesive, tools, and written instructions. 

                                                                                  Does not include wet saw needed for some installation projects.

                                                                                  $150 (does not include tile, sold per square foot)

                                                                                  INSTALLATION CONSULTATION: Our friendly professional will come

                                                                                  to your home to get you started on the day of your project. 

With helpful tips and tricks from the pro, your confidence will soar

and you can successfully tackle your project. 

$50 per hour or $100 per hour with wet saw and cutting assistance

Wholesale prices for contractors / interior designers

Are you a home improvement professional? Special wholesale pricing is available. Contact us today! 

granite recycling

Are you a local granite manufacturer looking for a way to offset the expensive cost of granite disposal? Let our business consultant come show you how we can save you money while working together to save the planet. 

Recycling Education

Looking for an interesting speaker? Pamela Bishir, Chief Operating Officer, has taught about recycling for the past five years in Tennessee and Texas and would love to share her expertise with your organization or small group. Topics include composting, recycling, green business tips, energy efficiency, water quality and more.

Programs available for K-12, adults, seniors, and people with disabilities. 

SPECIAL RECYCLING COLLECTIONS (2015): Brita Filters, Pur Filters, Beauty Products, Wine Crates