Taken for Granite is a Southern Energy company, learn more at www.southernEWA.com 

Supporting recycled granite in Chattanooga makes our city greener and cleaner 

Taken for Granite has professionals to coordinate your project from start to finish, unless you want to do it yourself over the weekend.

We'll help you do that, too. 


Our granite tiles instantly update any space and add to the value of your home. From accent walls, kitchens & bathrooms… let's make your neighbors as green as your new tile. 





  1. 100% Recycled granite tiles

Tennessee made. shop local. Go Green.  

Want unique and modern design elements? We can put this tile anywhere! You can too, with our DIY pricing. Granite tabletops, housewares, and more coming soon! 

Other design




We partner with local countertop manufacturers to keep granite out of the landfill.

Thousands of tons are thrown away each year. We can't stand it. It's way Too Pretty to be Trash, right?

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